How to Properly Load a Roll-Off Dumpster
August 8, 2022

Cleaning out a house or embarking on a home remodel project? A roll-off dumpster is a fabulous tool. You can have the dumpster delivered to your home or driveway, fill it with everything you’re removing from the home, and then have it taken away.

But to get the most out of your roll-off dumpster rental, you have to know how to load it properly. Loading your dumpster helps you maximize the capacity and safely dispose of your items.

Here are five tips to properly load a roll-off dumpster:

1. Place the Dumpster Properly

Roll-off dumpsters can’t go anywhere, so be sure to work with your dumpster rental company to find the best place on your property. The ideal location for a dumpster is on flat ground with plenty of space around it for easier access. Make sure the area under the dumpster is dry and properly supported. If your dumpster is being placed on dirt or loose rocks, pack the area down or support it with wooden boards so the dumpster doesn’t sink into the soil as it is loaded. 

2. Start With Heavy Items

Bulky items like furniture, appliances, or heavy materials should go at the bottom of your dumpster to create a secure base and distribute the weight evenly. This is especially important if you have heavy materials like rocks or gravel. Spreading an even layer at the bottom of the dumpster allows it to be transported more easily. From there, you can layer smaller or lighter items. 

3. Break Down Boxes and Large Items 

Get the most out of your dumpster by breaking down boxes so they stack more easily and you can put many more in your dumpster. Cardboard boxes take up lots of space when they aren’t broken down. The same principle applies to larger items like swing sets, pipes, and furniture. Breaking down large items allows them to go into the dumpster more easily without taking up too much space or creating awkward configurations.

4. Don’t Overfill

One of the most common mistakes for loading dumpsters is filling them with too much material. It’s better and safer to fill two dumpsters to the right capacity than overfilling one dumpster with too much material and risking difficulties in transport or items flying away. Waste management companies still need to be able to secure the load to remove the dumpster, which means debris can’t overflow the walls. All items should be below the top rail inside the dumpster or lower if you have heavy materials.

5. Avoid Dangerous Materials 

Not everything can go in a dumpster. Check with your dumpster rental company for a list of prohibited items, which is typically by the landfill or recycling center. In general, avoid putting hazardous materials, chemicals, flammable liquids, batteries, paint, appliances, or explosives in your roll-off dumpster. These items could create a potential safety issue and lead to a fine. Contact your waste management rental company if you have questions about what can and can’t be thrown away. 

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