Logistic Planning for Outdoor Concerts
August 9, 2022

From small community concerts to big-name stadium shows, live music is a powerful way to bring people together. There’s nothing like listening to great live music with a crowd of people to bring happiness and joy.

But planning a concert can be challenging, especially when considering the logistics of crowd control in an outdoor space. 

No matter the size of your crowd, here are five things to consider when logistic planning for outdoor concerts:


The venue determines almost every part of the logistics and is the first major decision to make when planning an outdoor concert. Think about the capacity of the space, the available facilities, and the surrounding location. Your budget will also likely play a role in choosing a venue. A nice venue with plenty of amenities will simplify your event planning but likely come with a higher price tag. 


One of the biggest challenges of any event is parking. If the parking lot at the venue isn’t big enough for the expected crowd, you may have to designate a neighboring field, parking lot, or street for overflow parking. Create a traffic pattern through the parking area to control the flow of cars for increased safety, and ensure there is signage about the entrance and exit and any streets that need to be blocked off. You may need to hire parking attendants to guide cars to available parking spots for larger events. This will likely bring an increased cost but can be incredibly effective in getting many cars safely in and out of the parking area.


A large group of people inevitably brings a high demand for bathrooms. Visit the venue to see if there are any existing facilities, where they are located in relation to the stage, and how many people they can service. If needed, bring in additional portable bathrooms. Consider the best location for these portable facilities that is close to the concert and in a safe and well-lit area. Bathroom logistics can get messy, so be sure to find a trusted company like Primetime Portables that can deliver, service, and remove the porta potty rentals before and after your event. 


Without physical containment, outdoor venues bring increased safety risks. Start by establishing barriers around the venue and crowd area and bringing in portable metal barriers if needed to secure the space and create a defined area for the crowd. Depending on the size of your event and the location, you may need metal detectors at the entrance. If needed, hire event security staff to patrol the area and look for any suspicious activity. And be sure to connect with local law enforcement to get the correct permits and their support. 

Electricity and Sound System

Many outdoor venues have an established stage and sound system, but be sure to check it before the event to make sure everything works properly and meets your needs. If you need a stronger sound system, you will likely have to bring in a generator to power the stage lights and other electricity. Check the wattage of the generator and ensure there is a safe location to have it delivered.

Planning an outdoor concert can be incredibly rewarding, but it requires many logistical considerations. By thinking through these details, you’re on your way to planning a great event. 

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